UFC Felicia Spencer

What's next for UFC athlete Felicia Spencer?

You may have seen the brutal fight between Felicia Spencer and Cris Cyborg on Saturday, July 27th. Many were questioning whether Felicia Spencer would be able to hold her own against the ruthless and legendary Cyborg, but Spencer proved she could take a hit and deliver some impressive strikes herself.

While many Cyborg fans were predicting a KO in the first round, Spencer delivered ferocious defense and counterstrikes and proved she was a worthy match. The fight ended in R3 Decision, Cyborg the winner with 56.5% Significant Strikes to Felicia's 44.7%.

Felicia impressed fans with her calm demeanor, professionalism and skills and have many wondering: "what's next for Felicia Spencer?"

Felicia shared this message after the fight:

"Thank you ALL for the support after this amazing journey at #UFC240 ended. Not the outcome I planned for and believed in, but I can take away a lot from this night. All respect for @criscyborg." via Instagram

We envision great things for this INVICTAFC Champion and will be following her MMA and UFC journey for more great fights.
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