UFC Pro Line Boxing and MMA Gear

Train Hard with the New UFC Pro Line of Boxing and MMA Gear

Since its inception in 1993, UFC athletes have been recognized as the most well-rounded, disciplined and conditioned fighters in the world. Their innovative workouts and cross-training regimen has inspired a fitness movement. The new UFC Pro Line of gear with enhanced features and technological advancements is designed to make you feel like a pro and achieve your goals.

The fine craftmanship, premium materials, advanced protection and meticulously stitched construction set these products apart from the rest. Designed with MMA professionals in mind, the UFC Pro Line offers solutions to complex training needs. Other products just don't cut it.

Boxing Gloves

UFC now has an extensive selection of boxing gloves through the Pro Line. From Fitness Training Gloves to Washable Bag Gloves. Available in an assortment of sizes and colors; there is an option for everyone.

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MMA Gloves

These premium level MMA gloves are excellent for the serious mixed martial artist or an athlete wanting premium materials like grade A cowhide leather and superior double stitched craftmanship. They also feature advanced technology like moisture-wicking lining and thoughtfully designed strapping systems. Take your training to the next level with Pro Line MMA Gloves.

UFC Pro MMA Sparring Glove

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The Pro Line Headgear offer athletes with an extra layer of protection. Answering the specific needs of professional fighters for solutions like training with braces, vulnerable face injuries or for athletes who are weeks away from a fight and are looking to reduce the risk of injury in training. High quality equipment to reduce impact, so you can stay safe and keep training.

UFC Pro Training Headgear

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Heavy Bags

Heavy bags are a staple of all boxing and MMA training programs. With the new line of pro gear comes new shapes, weights and bag types for you to bring your training to the next level. From the new Pro Thai Heavy bag to the Ground & Pound Throwing Dummy, we've got all the tools you need to round out your training and get the edge on your competition.

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Speed & Double End Bags

Speed & Double End Bags help athletes improve rhythm, hand-eye coordination and accuracy. They are essential training tools for both boxers and mixed martial artists because the quick rebound and movement mimics that of an opponent and improves the users response time. The new Pro Line offers the same superior Speed Bag & Double End Bag, but now in ultra durable premium grade A cowhide leather. Athletes immediately feel the quality when they use this equipment.

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Shields & Protective

Providing essential training tools for coaches, gyms, and athletes is our number one goal. With the new Shields & protective gear from UFC's Pro Line we're doing just that. Boost accuracy and speed through drills using the Pro Fixed Target or provide extra layers of protection with the Pro Body Protector and the Pro Training Shin Guard. Getting premium quality is important when it comes to your training and protection, because quality counts when your wellbeing depends on it.

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The UFC Pro Line brings the quality, craftmanship and advanced technology UFC is known for to the next level. Helping athletes be disciplined in the pursuit of their goals by providing them with the tools they need, the Pro Line is a smart choice for maximum performance and protection.

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