MMA Fighter Diets

Meal Schedule

MMA fighters have 2-3 workouts a day so the energy needed is very high, so the food intake needed will also be very high. A normal diet for a standard MMA fighter is four full meals a day scheduled around all those workouts. Those meals need to be loaded with carbs because that can give the fighter sustained energy for all the hours of extended training sessions.


Dinner is the most important meal for an MMA fighter because it is when they can fill their body with the exact right nutrients that helps shape their body and put on muscle. This is where your protein is going to come from other than protein shakes, the protein in food is going to come from this meal through a piece of steak or maybe sometimes fish. Fish is one of the best things to eat in a diet because it is a the best form of lean protein and is full of Omega-3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation.

Recovery and Protein Drinks

Recovery and protein drinks are such a huge element of an MMA fighter’s food habits because they are essential for your body to grow and maintain around workouts. Recovery drinks are important to get in your body within 30 minutes of your workout to get refueled and ready for the next workout. Protein shakes are also essential for fighters right after a workout because it can help your muscles get fueled and it can also help stave off hunger.


Not just for fighters but for any person going through a fitness routine, water is the most important element of a diet and making your body perform at it’s highest. An MMA fighter goes through many weight training workouts in one day and weight training can deprive your body of electrolytes more than any other workout. The most effective way to replenish your electrolytes is with water so staying hydrated before and during workouts is key.

Cheat Days

Cheat days are something many fighters include in their eating habits, once a week they go off the rails a little bit and have some sweets or maybe have some fried food. It is a guilty pleasure that some people save for one day of the week but some even use it as a motivation factor. If I can make it through 3 days of chicken and rice, I have a burger and fries with a shake coming at the end of the week. If you are able to grind through your meals without a cheat meal that’s great, but most people like to have that technique to keep them focused and on track with their diet.

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