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How to Jump Back into Training After a Long Vacation

Summer is over, which for many means getting back into training. Travel, summer activities, busy schedules and more are all factors that could have effected your normally strict training regimen. But its time to get back into the groove. Its time to punch some bags, grapple some opponents and spar until the sun goes down.

For many the idea of returning to the normal grind after a long break is discouraging. Don't let your summer hiatus discourage your drive for MMA. Instead take the following tips to smoothly jump back into training.

Go slow at first.

If you've been away from training for awhile, you'll want to ease back into your routine. Gradually build up your endurance. This will help you build strength and will help prevent strain or injury. Don't expect to be in the exact same place you were before you left, but have full confidence that you can get back there with hard work.

Make it a habit.

The hardest part of returning to training after a long break is making a habit of it again. Before the break, going to class or the gym may have been second nature to you. Now it may feel a little more difficult to find the motivation. Don't quit. After a little while the habit will return and you'll begin craving the endorphins of a good training session.

Hold yourself accountable.

Push through the fear of returning and just show up. Hold yourself accountable or find someone else who will. A coach, gym buddy or teammate can give you the extra push you need.

Have fun.

Training shouldn't feel like a chore. If you're hesitant to return, because your heart isn't in it for reasons other than losing the habit, then evaluate ways you can make the experience more enjoyable. Whether it's finding a new coach, a new gym, or changing your perspective, the overall experience should be fun. Difficult, but definitely fun.

Set goals.

It's easy to keep up bad habits after a hiatus. Instead set goals to motivate you through your return. Is your goal to get back to where you were before the break? Is it to try something new and pick up a new discipline? Make a list of goals you'd like to accomplish and use them to motivate you to show up to training.

Now that you're ready to return, just remember to take it slow and not feel overwhelmed. The fact that you're reading this list shows you've got the drive to get back to the gym. Take that drive and follow through! You've got this.
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