Guide to UFC MMA Gloves

MMA athletes have varying preferences when it comes to the fit and feel of their gloves. Finding the right glove for you is an important step in starting your MMA training. There are many factors to consider when shopping for MMA gloves. Use our guide to learn more about Spirit Combat Sport’s selection of MMA Gloves and to find the right glove for you.

UFC 5oz MMA Glove

UFC 5oz MMA Gloves feature a comfort-fit and pre-curved impact dispersing foam to protect athlete’s knuckles. The soft finger compartments keep fingers comfortable and provide easy movement for grappling. There are many uses for these gloves, the 3 most common are:
  • Athletes wanting protection, but also wanting to get used to the feeling of a bare hand. This light but supportive glove allow you to prepare for bare hand MMA competition without hindering safety or protection.
  • Used for light bag work when worn with hand wraps.
  • Used in target drills using a moving target or striking shield.

Open Palm MMA Training Glove

Open Palm MMA Training Glove has similar uses as the UFC 5oz MMA Glove. The difference between them is the full open palm, which is useful for athletes who use thicker hand wraps. The glove fully opens around the wrist and palm allowing you to easily put the glove on over wrapping. The Open Palm MMA Training Glove is also used by Jiu Jitsu/MMA fighters transitioning from a bag to sparring. This makes it a great glove for MMA drilling with a partner.

MMA 6oz Fitness

The comfortable fit and dual layer impact dispersing high-density foam of the MMA 6oz Fitness Glove make this the perfect glove for athletes training in kickboxing and bag work. The soft but durable engineered leather give athletes full range of motion to carry out bag training. It features knuckle protection, rigid strap and covered thumb. The covered thumb protects from rubbing and irritation when conducting bag strikes. This glove is also ideal for those wanting to easily switch from bag to weight lifting, jump-roping or other workouts.

MMA 7oz Grappling Glove

The durability and heavier weight of this glove make it a good choice for grappling and training. It has an open palm design keeping athletes cool and comfortable through training. Like the MMA 6oz Fitness Glove, the MMA 7oz Grappling Glove also has covered thumb protection. The MMA 7oz Grappling Glove, however, has extra padding on the thumb. This gives you extra protection against skin irritation and cauliflower ear.

8oz Sparring Glove

The heavier weight of this glove gives athletes superior protection which is important for those wanting to transition between light sparring standing up to the ground. The padding between the knuckle and wrist give athletes an extra layer of protection compared to some of the lighter weight gloves. The 8oz Sparring Glove provides similar protection as a larger boxing glove would, but still allows mobility for MMA training.

Official Competition Fight Glove

This is the official UFC Fight Night Glove used by all UFC fighters and features UFC patented technology. The premium leather construction and comfortable gel protection in knuckle area give these gloves superior quality and durability. The full open palm allows you to easily fit the glove over wrapping, a feature that is important to many UFC athletes that heavily wrap hands for protection and support. The quality and construction of these gloves make it the best choice for professionals, advanced athletes and those wanting to wear the same gloves worn in UFC fights.
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