Drew Dober Story

Drew Dober is a humble Midwest kid that had a calling for fighting and fell in love with it at an early age. In Omaha, Nebraska, all the kids dream of playing sports like basketball and especially football, so when Drew was a kid that didn’t really want to play sports, he was a little bit of an outcast. In an interview with Athlete Nation, Drew talks about his interests when he was younger, “I didn’t play a whole lot of sports. I was more like a nerdy delinquent, Pokemon turned into Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Z turned into an interest in martial arts and I was just really into superheroes. Power rangers and the whole fighting thing.” From the beginning of his life, he always had a mountain to climb and had to overcome some adversity, but Drew would have it no other way than to fight for what he loves.

At the age of 14, Drew started Muay Thai training and prepared for the amateur world champion, which he would go onto win twice. He then realized in his freshman year of high school, his dream was to be a UFC fighter. Drew also wrestled his last two years of high school and went onto an outstanding 9-0 amateur record.

Drew’s first big fight was at Bellator 16 against Nick Nolte and he went on to win that fight via submission and that would propel him to get some independent promotional fights and a record of 12-2 would earn him a spot in the Ultimate Fighter. Drew was knocked out in the entry round of the Ultimate Fighter but for him, it was a good learning opportunity and opened the door for the Ultimate Fighting championship.

Drew has had 29 official fights and had an up and down career with a 20-8 record with 1 no contest. He started his career fighting throughout the Midwest for his first 18 fights. His first fight on a national level came at UFC 188 in Mexico, where he ended up losing that fight but he came right back for UFC 195 in Las Vegas and won that fight by unanimous decision. He has gone on to win 4 of his next 5 fights and his last 3.

Drew Dober has had an up and down career fighting through a lot of adversity to get where he is today but he has embraced the journey and is along for the ride.

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